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Classic Cars Invade NYC for Annual "Car-Avan"

Aug. 14, 1961 - A vision of the motoring elegance of the 1920s swept through New York City today. It was the annual "Car-avan" of the Classic Car Club of America. "There's double ignition on that job," said an old-timer, pointing to a 1930 Pierce-Arrow. "What's that?" a trucker asked as an unfamiliar hood profile passed. "It's a Duesenberg. Got 16 cylinders," the old-timer replied. There were two Duesenbergs, a Hispano-Suiza, three Rolls-Royces, two Lincolns, four Cadillacs and eleven Packards. Recently deceased film star Gary Cooper was once the proud owner of a 1935 Duesenberg (pictured).


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