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Castro Receives Ovation at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre

Apr. 29, 1963 - Fidel Castro, sporing his khaki forage cap, combat jacket, and crumpled fatigues, received a two-minute ovation from the audience at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre tonight when he attended a Swan Lake ballet performance with Premier Khrushchev. Shouts of “Viva Castro!” rang out when they appeared in the red and gold box reserved for government leaders. Khrushchev wore a dark business suit bearing three Hero of Socialist Labor medals. With them were Mrs. Khrushchev and President Leonid Brezhnev and other top officials. Early today, Castro, puffing a cigar, talked power politics with Khrushchev over a Kremlin conference table. Apparently oblivious to the non-smoking Khrushchev’s dislike of tobacco, Castro puffed heartily on a huge Havana as they lined up for photographers before sitting down.


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