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Cassius Clay Recording L.P. Album

July 31, 1963 - The self-proclaimed greatest, prettiest, and most colorful fighter in the world, Cassius Clay, will cut his first long-playing record next week for Columbia Records. Clay will recite his own poetry, sing a few songs, and run through several skits with professional actors. “I don’t want to go into details about the record,” Cassius said today, “because I want people to buy it. Everything on it is mine. Only a few words have been changed to protect the innocent.” The album, entitled “I Am the Greatest,” will be released in September. “I’m a big man,” Clay said in a rehearsal break at Columbia Records. “This is going to out-sell ‘First Family’ [Vaughn Meader’s imitation of President Kennedy]. It’ll sell eight million copies.” In keepin with the “eight” theme, the first eight entries on the album, rather than being listed as “tracks,” will be listed as “rounds.” Clay has claimed repeatedly that he will defeat heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in eight rounds.


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