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Caroline and John Jr. Certain New Baby Is a Boy

Aug. 2, 1963 - There is one White House visitor President Kennedy’s two youngsters (pictured with nurse Maud Shaw) will be looking for this month — the stork. Both Caroline, almost 6, and John Jr., 2, are certain that the addition to the First Family, expected in late August, will be a baby brother. They have been busy thinking up names for him, but their selections remain secret. As for the First Lady’s preference, boy or girl, she doesn’t really care, according to Mrs. Kennedy’s press secretary, Pamela Turnure. Mrs. Kennedy is with her children on Cape Cod, and she is spending all the free time she has with them. She is often seen driving around Hyannis and vicinity with John standing beside her in the front seat of the convertible and Caroline perched in the back seat. John looks less like a baby these days. His light brown hair has been clipped and parted on the left side, just like his father’s.


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