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California Congressman Dead in Plane Crash

Oct. 8, 1962 - The dead body of Congressman Clem Miller (pictured fourth from right) was found today in the wreckage of a light plane that disappeared yesterday in bad weather in a mountainous section of northern California. The site of the crash is about 40 miles southeast of Eureka. Mr. Miller was en route to Crescent City, Calif., campaigning for election to his third term in Congress from California’s First District. He was a Democrat. The pilot, George Head, a retired Air Force major, and the pilot’s son, Tim, 11, were also killed when the plane crashed into a mountain. President Kennedy said today he was “most grieved” to learn of Rep. Miller’s death. He said Mr. Miller “was a progressive legislator, strongly dedicated to his country and his district.” “He spoke with great eloquence for the needs of our people, particularly in the field of conservation,” President Kennedy said. “His death is a personal loss to me and to the American people.” White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said Mr. Kennedy had also sent a personal message to Mr. Miller’s widow.


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