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Brooklyn Mobster Joseph Profaci Dead at 64

June 7, 1962 - Joseph Profaci (pictured in 1953), Brooklyn mobster and reputed leader of a powerful underworld syndicate, died of cancer today at the Southside Hospital at Bay Shore, Long Island. He was 64 years old. The gravel-voiced gangster was reported to have led a mob that has been feuding with another Brooklyn underworld organization known as the Gallo gang. Profaci was once described as “one of the most powerful underworld figures in the United States.” Robert F. Kennedy gave the description when he was counsel for the special rackets committee of the Senate. Called the “Olive Oil King” because of his interests in an olive-oil importing firm, Profaci had been accused of operating the business primarily as a cover for his underworld activities. Although Profaci had been arrested several times, he never served a prison term in this country. He was twice arrested in his native Italy and served a year in prison at Palermo for theft.


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