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Boxing Champion Emile Griffith Runs Out of Sparring Partners

Sept. 16, 1961 - Emile Griffith, who defends his welterweight title against Benny (Kid) Paret at Madison Square Garden Sept. 30, is running out of sparring partners, and the fault is his. The 22-year-old Virgin Island fighter has become unpopular with spar-mates because of his vicious handling of them since he began training three weeks ago for the second defense of his title. Two of them, Walter Daniels and Frank Sallee, have walked out on him, vowing never to return. Daniels caught a Griffith left hook and it took 20 minutes to bring him around. "Who needs that kind of work?" said Daniels has he packed his gear at Griffith's 28th Street training quarters. Sallee remarked: "He hits too hard for gym money. Every workout with Griffith is a main event for him."


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