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Barbara Powers, Wife of U-2 Pilot, Attempts Suicide

Apr. 20, 1962 - Mrs. Barbara Powers, 27-year-old wife of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, was taken to a hospital today after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. She was later described as out of danger. Mr. and Mrs. Powers have been living for several weeks at an apartment in Alexandria, Va. Mrs. Powers was taken to the Alexandria hospital shortly after 3:30 a.m. She was then taken to Georgetown University Hospital in Washington. The District of Columbia police said investigating officers had been told at the Alexandria Hospital that Mrs. Powers had taken about 28 tablets of a barbiturate drug. Mrs. Powers was unconscious when admitted to Georgetown, where her condition was first described as very serious. A few hours later, she was reported in “satisfactory” condition. Her husband was freed from a Soviet prison in February in exchange for Col. Rudolf Abel, a Soviet spy imprisoned in this country.


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