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Attorney General Hosts Puppet Show and Cookout

May 26, 1962 - More than 100 children jammed Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s office today for a puppet and magic show, then adjourned to the Justice Building’s courtyard for a cookout. The youthful crowd was composed of Congressmens’ sons and daughters ranging in age from 5 to 9. They toured the offices and laboratories of the F.B.I. before being greeted by the Attorney General and Mrs. Ethel Kennedy (pictured with their seven children in February). Headed by the Kennedys’ seven children, the group sat on the floor of the Attorney General’s long, narrow office for more than an hour while a puppet master and clown entertained them. A lunch of frankfurters, hamburgers, potato salad, cold drinks, and ice cream was served in the courtyard. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy helped cook and serve the frankfurters. The Justice Department said that Mr. Kennedy and his assistants paid for the party.


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