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Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution Honored

Nov. 4, 1962 - A special prayer on the anniversary of the Soviet crushing of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (pictured) was offered today in St. Patrick’s Cathedral by Msgr. Bela Varga, president of the Hungarian National Council. His prayer ended with these words: “O Lord, graciously regard the sacrifice of the Hungarian martyrs who died defending the freedom Thou hast given Thy children, and grant that Thy Hungarian children may serve Thee in a free country where Thy justice and peace will reign.” After the mass, Monsignor Varga was asked if Hungary’s experience had any parallel with the present Cuban situation. The former president of the Hungarian Parliament said: “Hungary is an example to the world. The Russians respect only power. They will never keep an agreement. They promised to leave Hungary, and what happened? The Communists will always remain the same, in Hungary and in Cuba too. The Communists have no morals.”


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