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American Planes Shot Down in South Vietnam

Oct. 16, 1962 - The U.S. today lost its third plane in two days in South Vietnam’s central highlands, where two American planes were felled earlier by Communist ground gunners. Three U.S. fliers were killed in the first of the planes lost. This was a U.S. Air Force L-28 spotter carrying an Army Special Forces captain, an Air Force captain, and an Air Force sergeant. It was shot down Monday in the jungle 10 miles north of Banmethuot. The bodies of the three men have been brought to Saigon. This brings to 17 the number of Americans killed in combat since U.S. forces arrived in South Vietnam. An Air Force T-28 fighter that flew into the area yesterday to give cover to ground forces guarding the three bodies and the wreckage of the spotter plane also fell under Communist ground fire. The American pilot rode the fighter down and escaped with minor injuries. He was thrown clear when the plane hit and exploded. The Defense Department identified the men killed in the crash as: Capt. Terry D. Cordell (pictured) of the Army, whose wife is Mrs. Susan M. Cordell of Sanford, Fla.; Capt. Herbert W. Booth, Air Force pilot, whose wife is Nancy J. Booth of Sarasota, Fla.; and T. Sgt. Richard L. Fox, whose wife is Mary J. Fox of Estero, Fla.


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