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All Seven Mercury Astronauts Headed to New York

Feb. 25, 1962 - All seven Mercury astronauts will come to New York City for the parade honoring Lieut. Col. John H. Glenn Jr. on Thursday. Mayor Wagner announced Saturday that the two other astronauts who have made space flights, Capt. Virgil I. Grissom of the Air Force and Comdr. Alan B. Shepard Jr. of the Navy, would accompany Colonel Glenn. The party will also include the four astronauts who have not yet made space voyages: Lieut. Comdr. Malcolm S. Carpenter and Lieut. Comdr. Walter M. Schirra Jr., both of the Navy, and Maj. Leroy G. Cooper Jr., and Maj. Donald K. Slayton, both of the Air Force. Major Slayton has been selected for the next space orbit.


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