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Administration Sees Vietnam War as Temporary Draw

Aug. 21, 1962 - The Kennedy Administration’s latest estimate of the war in South Vietnam is that the U.S.-backed Vietnamese forces and Viet Cong have fought to a temporary draw. Both sides are continuing to build up their strength. While the South Vietnamese and their U.S. advisers are developing new techniques and doctrines for jungle warfare, the Viet Cong is also becoming more effective and is growing. The strength of the Viet Cong is estimated at 20,000 men. This is a significant increase from the 12,000 to 15,000 guerillas the Viet Cong was believed to have had at the end of 1961. Recruiting and continuing infiltration from North Vietnam were cited as the cause. U.S. policy on Vietnam remains that this country is always willing to negotiate peace proposals, but it is first necessary for the Communist guerrillas from the North to leave the country and “cease the aggression.”


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