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A Presidential Shaggy Dog Story

Jan. 4, 1963 - Like any dog, Charlie, the Kennedy’s Welsh terrier, objected to being left behind when President Kennedy drove away from the vacation White House in Palm Beach, Fla., today. So what happened? The same old suburban story — Charlie chased after the car, caught it, and got aboard. The President was driving himself in a convertible to the West Palm Beach airport for his flight to Oklahoma to attend the funeral of Senator Robert S. Kerr (D-Okla.). His daughter, Caroline, 5, and her cousin Anthony Radziwill, 4, went along to the airport for the ride. Charlie chased after the motorcade, which included cars of secret servicemen. The secret servicemen hopped out and tried to grab him, but Charlie eluded them and finally ran out in front of the President’s car. Mr. Kennedy stopped and let Charlie get in with him. From the airport, Caroline, Anthony, and Charlie returned home with a secret serviceman.


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