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“Gotham Variety can stand shoulder to shoulder with The Truth - a similar show that puts together a New York coterie of actors doing audio fiction - and I’ll happily recommend it to anybody. Take a look at what Joe Rubenstein is doing and that’s how you do it. Be mindful of the minor things and do it with love - but he’s obviously a very skilled individual too. Five stars, easy. It’s kind of like Old Time Radio brought to life and colorized and widescreened - a modernization of something classical. It has that kind of timeless feel.”
- Matt Houlihan, The Podcast Review Show
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“What we all really like and admire is when something is genuinely atmospheric, and Joe does that by inviting us in as our host, and then the sound design is great, excellent music, very good New York actors, and it’s all complementary. It just so happened we recently listened to Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater on the Air, and this does follow into that tradition: very good ensemble work, but there’s one leader to this group, and that’s Joe. His hand is very much on it. We’re all going to subscribe and listen to every episode. Five stars from all of us!”
- Thea Gilien, The Podcast Review Show
"This anthology podcast of dramatized short stories in the public domain creates a beautiful soundscape for listeners to experience these classic tales in a whole new way. These tales range from thriller to horror to nonfiction, each different and distinct."
- Podcast Rex
Perfection! by Kim@The Dark Roast Pod  ★★★★★
Two episodes in and I'm hooked! This is a fantastic way to enjoy stories and so immersive. You really feel like you're there. The production quality is on point. I will definitely be tuning in weekly.
A must listen audio drama podcast by Drive With Us Podcast  ★★★★★
If you love audio dramas, then this will be your new favorite show. And if you have not experienced an audio
drama, this show will make you fall in love with them. Very well produced!
Superbly produced and engaging! by HappyGoLukky  ★★★★★
Wow - huge production value - interesting stories and great actors - they've really launched with all systems firing! If you're ready for your next audio drama, subscribe here!
Well done by Abpfinance  ★★★★★
Great start to a show. Love the episodes so far and the host is fantastic!
Gorgeous by MadMadamMelzy  ★★★★★
Just beautifully done. What a fantastic audio experience!
Excited! by ZaWheelZ  ★★★★★
Big fan of Mr. Rubenstein's work. Top notch!
A fabulous way to experience literature by Auroravlad  ★★★★★
This podcast started with my favorite short story and then moved right into another. The performance quality
is wonderful and makes this a highly enjoyable way to get access to well performed literature.
Hooked! by Kedmoomoo  ★★★★★
I just started getting into audio dramas and this is a great one. It has the feel of an old radio show, which I love,
minus the hokey nature of the old ones. The sound effects are realistic and the voice actors are great. Can't
wait for more!
Transport your day! by AishaBoom  ★★★★★
A show that will fully allow you to forget where you are who you are and what you've been doing all day! Highly
immersive, carefully curated stories. Great casting, sound/music design! So give them a listen and jump into
the time portal yourself. Headphones always. Well done!
Refreshing and Reminiscent by MadSiss Productions  ★★★★★
What a great podcast! Very reminiscent of old school radio stories with great modern sound and the ability to
draw you in and make you not want to stop listening. I'm super happy that I stumbled upon it. Keep up the
great work guys!
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