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Yvonne De Carlo to Star in “The Munsters” on CBS

Apr. 19, 1964 - Yvonne De Carlo has been selected to portray the mother in “The Munsters,” a situation comedy about a family of five that looks like monsters but is unaware of it. The series will make its debut next fall over CBS.

Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, formerly of “Car 54, Where Are You?” will also be in the program’s cast. Mr. Gwynne plays Herman, the husband and father, who resembles Frankenstein’s monster. Mr. Lewis will be grandpa, who looks a bit like Dracula. Herman will be married to Phoebe, a vampire type, played by Miss De Carlo.

“The Munsters” will be produced by Joseph Connolly and Bob Mosher, who created “Leave It to Beaver.”

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