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Young Diva Inspires Americans with Advertisement

Oct. 13, 1961 - Rosalind Elias, the Metropolitan Opera Company’s young mezzo-soprano who published an ad in The New York Times last Wednesday expressing her faith in the United States, has been overwhelmed by the public response. “It’s wonderful,” she said today, as she glanced through letters that had been sent to her. “I’ve received more ‘bravos’ from this than I ever have from an audience at the Met,” she said. In essence, Miss Elias’s message in the ad was that she did not intend to build a bomb shelter or “burrow into the ground like an animal,” but to trust in the wisdom of the President and the strength of this country to survive any danger. One letter she received was from a woman in Stonington, Conn., who wrote: “Blessings upon you for the faith and courage to declare your faith and courage.”


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