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Yogi Berra Now a Player-Coach

Mar. 15, 1963 - When the Yankee training camp moved into full gear two weeks ago with the arrival of all the regulars at Fort Lauderdale, Lawrence Peter Berra, the new coach at first base, sought out an old buddy, Whitey Ford. “Hey Whitey,” said Yogi, “let’s you and me go out to eat together tonight.” “Nothing doing,” said Whitey. “You can’t eat with the fellows any more, Yogi. You’re a coach now.” “Officers don’t eat with the enlisted men,” said Mickey Mantle. “Aw, come on, fellas,” wailed Yogi. The riding of the new first base coach had begun. It has since simmered down, Mr. Berra reported today. But it really wasn’t as bad as Yogi thought it would be. Ford has an explanation. “You know why?” said Whitey. “Most of the guys don’t even realize he’s a coach. To tell the truth, I’m not even sure Yogi realizes it, either.”


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