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Yankees and Giants Waiting Out the Rain

Oct. 13, 1962 - Time hung heavily on the hands of the Yankees today as they waited impatiently for the weather to permit resumption of their interrupted World Series with the Giants. Lashing rain kept the Bombers hotel-bound for the second straight day and, as several of them put it, “We’re going stir crazy. We might just as well be on Alcatraz.” Mickey Mantle (pictured before Game 2 with Willie Mays) was asked whether he thought the long layoff would dull his batting eye. “That’s the least of my troubles,” he replied with a grin. “After all, I’ve only made two hits in the whole Series. The only good thing about today is we’ll have a chance to watch the Texas-Oklahoma game.” “I don’t see how they can possibly play tomorrow, even if it should stop raining now,” said Tom Tresh. “I was out to Candlestick yesterday, and the field was a mess — and that was before the hard rain hit.” The Yankees are envious of the Giants in this situation. “At least they’re home with their families and can move around a bit and do something to keep busy,” noted Yogi Berra. “Here, we’re all cooped up.”


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