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Yankee Reliever Recovering from Gunshot Wound

Feb. 15, 1963 - Marshall Bridges (pictured left last season with Luis Arroyo), 31-year-old southpaw ace of the New York Yankees’ bullpen last season, will be lost to the world champions for six weeks because of a bullet wound in his left leg, a surgeon said yesterday. Bridges, married and the father of three children, was shot four inches below the left knee Wednesday night at the Pride of Fort Lauderdale Elks Lodge, a Negro club. Police said Carrie Lee Raysor, 21, fired a single .25-caliber pistol at Bridges as they sat next to each other at the bar. Dr. George Rahilly, a surgeon and bone specialist, said the slug damaged a calf muscle and broke a bone. He said there would be no surgery. Miss Raysor was charged with aggravated assault. Police quoted her as saying, “He put his arm around me and pulled me over, and I don’t like that kind of mugging.” Yankee manager Ralph Houk and Roy Hamey, general manager, indicated Bridges was in the clear as far as the club was concerned. Bob Fishel, Yankee public relations director, said Bridges told him: “I was waiting for a man friend to pick me up and go to dinner. I was just talking to the woman.”


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