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Wisconsin Teen Admits Murdering Entire Family

Feb. 20, 1963 - Five counts of first-degree murder were leveled against 16-year-old Harry Hebard (right) in Green Bay, Wisconsin this morning. The youth has admitted to murdering his entire family Monday night. He signed a statement which verified most of the details of the shooting reported during a news conference yesterday. According to the statement, the shootings took place about 5:30 p.m. Two guns were used, a rifle and a pistol, both .22 caliber. District Attorney Robert W. Warren and Police Chief Elmer Madson gave the following account, based on the boy’s statement. Young Hebard at first planned to run away from home, and he had drawn up a checklist of preparations to be made. This list was found in Hebard’s bedroom. A second list was found later in the boy’s West High School locker. This list detailed plans to shoot his family. The first person to die was Harry’s father, Jack, a part-time stunt driver known as “Lucky O’Hara” to thousands of Midwest fairgoers. Jack Hebard was shot once in the forehead at close range as he slept on a living room couch in their home. Harry then moved to the kitchen, where he fired .22 caliber bullets into the heads of his 15-year-old stepbrother, John, and then the 11-year-old twin daughters of Mrs. Hebard from a previous marriage. Mrs. Hebard was out of the house, but she returned home within minutes of the shooting and was shot dead as she discovered the horror that greeted her as she entered the kitchen. District Attorney Warren said that Hebard appeared lucid and had been “most cooperative.” West High School faculty members today described the youth as a quiet boy who would not cause trouble for anyone. “Harry was an average garden-variety youngster who’d never been referred to my office for anything, academic or disciplinary,” Principal George Dauplaise said. “His attendance record,” added Dauplaise, “was excellent.”


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