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Willie Pep Elected to Boxing Hall of Fame

Oct. 15, 1963 - Willie Pep (left with Pat Marcune in 1953), the former featherweight champion who compiled one of the most amazing records in the history of the ring, today was elected to Boxing’s Hall of Fame. Pep, 41 years old, who lives in Hartford and has various business enterprises in Tampa and New York, became the 77th member of the Hall since it was formed in 1954. Pep, born Guglielmo Papaleo, turned professional in 1940 and won 62 fights in a row before being beaten by Sammy Angott in an overweight match. In his next 73 fights, he won 72 and drew with Jimmy McAllister, before he was stopped by Sandy Saddler in 1948. He finished with an incredible over-all record of 220 victories, 1 draw, and 9 losses.


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