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Willie Mays Gets Clean Bill of Health

Nov. 2, 1962 - Willie Mays (pictured today at Mount Zion Hospital), center fielder of the San Francisco Giants, was declared in superior physical condition today as he left San Francisco’s Mount Zion Hospital. Dr. Harold H. Rosenblum (right), chief of medicine at the hospital, made the pronouncement at a news conference following three days of tests on baseball’s highest-paid player. Willie said the results were no surprise. “I knew what was wrong,” Mays said. “I was just tired. We had a hard season all the way.” Mays’s health had been an issue since he collapsed in the dugout in the third inning of a Sept. 12 game in Cincinnati and was out of the lineup until Sept. 16. Today, Dr. Rosenblum said, “There is no medical problem whatsoever. His condition is superior to other men his age. He is in prime physical condition.”


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