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Whitey Ford Takes His Family to Disneyland

Aug. 9, 1963 - Whitey Ford, the New York Yankee ace who goes after his 17th victory tomorrow night in Los Angeles against the Angels, is so easygoing you would think he was in California on a vacation. As a matter of fact, he almost is. Whitey brought his wife and three kids — Sally, Eddie, and Tommy — to Los Angeles with him this trip and they’re staying at the Disneyland Hotel instead of with the rest of the Yankees at the Statler Hotel. “We’re having a ball,” said the veteran southpaw. “Two straight days we’ve been tearing Disneyland apart.” The Ford family will visit Knott’s Berry Farm tomorrow and then Whitey will try to tie the Angels in knots in the evening. “We were at Disneyland until midnight Thursday, and then the kids get me up at 7:30 this morning to go right back,” sighed Ford today. “We ran through two $46 ride books in a couple hours, and I decided that was enough. But my daughter put me straight. She reminded me it cost $1,100 to fly out here, so what’s a couple more? We stayed all day.”


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