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West Sneaks by East in AFL All-Star Game

Jan. 19, 1964 - Quarterback Cotton Davidson of the Oakland Raiders connected with his pass-catching teammate, Art Powell, on a 25-yard scoring strike to give the West a 27-24 triumph over the East in the American Football League’s annual All-Star game today.

Trailing 24-3 at the half as the East’s Babe Parilli of Boston put on a brilliant passing show, the West rushed back into contention in the third quarter on sparkling long-range plays that produced two touchdowns and closed the margin to 24-17. Keith Lincoln of the San Diego Chargers electrified the 20,016 in San Diego’s Balboa Stadium as well as his trailing West teammates with a spectacular 64-yard touchdown run. Then Tobin Rote, the West’s starting quarterback from the champion Chargers, hit teammate Lance Alworth with a 51-yard pass to the East 4. Paul Lowe (pictured #23) took it on in, and the tension began to mount.

The West’s Jim Fraser kicked a 12-yard field goal early in the fourth to make it 24-20, and the aroused West defense continued to hold Parilli, Larry Garron, Cookie Gilchrist, and the East offense scoreless throughout the final two quarters. With five minutes to go, the West moved from midfield deeper and deeper into the East’s territory — and the clock was ticking away. A Davidson-to-Alworth pass for 15 took the ball to the 2, and for five plays — including an East offside — the rugged East held and then took possession of the ball. The time was 1:29 to go. The West defense forced the East to punt, and the West took over on the East 43 with 1:05 remaining. Davidson shot short throws to Alworth and Powell and then the big one, an arching throw that found Powell virtually alone but running full speed into the left corner of the end zone.

Lincoln, the star of San Diego’s championship victory over Boston two weeks ago, was voted the most valuable player on offense, and Archie Matsos of Oakland the outstanding defensive player, with one key pass interception to his credit.


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