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West Coast Premiere of “Lawrence of Arabia” Set for Tomorrow

Dec. 20, 1962 - The West Coast premiere of Columbia’s “Lawrence of Arabia” will take place tomorrow night at Hollywood’s Warner Theater at a charity event sponsored by the Cedars Women’s Guild. The star-studded audience of 1,350 will be paying $50 or $100 for tickets. Proceeds go to the Guild’s free bed care program at Cedars of Lebanon and Mt. Sinai Hospitals. Following the showing of the 3-hour-and-40-minute film, there will be an after-theater supper party for 1,000 guests at the Beverly Hilton. Among those attending will be Sam Spiegel and David Lean, producer and director of the picture; Peter O’Toole, who plays the title role; and Omar Sharif, who plays Ali. Stars expected to be on hand include Kirk Douglas, Warren Beatty, Doris Day, James Stewart, Barbara Stanwyck, Polly Bergen, Gregory Peck, Ronald Reagan, Dean Martin, and Barbara Rush.


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