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West Berliners Cheer Gen. Lucius D. Clay

May 8, 1962 - Hundreds of West Berliners cheered and waved to Gen. Lucius D. Clay (pictured with Mayor Willy Brandt), President Kennedy’s special envoy, as he left the city today to return to the U.S. The Berliners showered flowers on the general’s car as he drove past the gates of Tempelhof Airport. Many women had tears in their eyes. General Clay, who was visibly moved, said before boarding the plane: “I will be back on the first plane if I get word that I am needed here.” The general, who is retired, came to Berlin eight months ago to raise the morale of Berliners after the East German Communists closed the border last August. He has explained that he is stepping down from his post because he believes the immediate danger is over. General Clay, 65, has agreed to remain as President Kennedy’s special advisor on Berlin. He will resume his post as chairman of the board of the Continental Can Corporation in New York.


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