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Weeb Ewbank Looks Toward First Season as Jets’ Coach

May 14, 1963 - Weeb Ewbank, coach and general manager of the New York Jets, said yesterday he is greatly pleased over the move of the American Football League to bolster the Jets and the Oakland Raiders, the two weak teams in the eight-team pro loop. He said the action taken by the AFL over the weekend to give the Jets and the Raiders a chance to choose players form the other six teams will “help us in our efforts to give New York a good, interesting, and fighting football club.” Ewbank pointed out that the New York club, previously known as the Titans and floundering financially for some times, had not signed a drafted player for two years. “The decision of the league will give us the reserves we need in depth and will allow us to place outstanding players where weaknesses now exist.” He said the team has scouts out who have signed three free agents. The new players are George Rapp of the University of Richmond, defensive back and offensive end; George Wooten of Elon (N.C.) College, defensive back; and Glen Knight of Shaw College in Raleigh, N.C., offensive flanker and end. The AFL plan is for the other 6 teams in the league to place 25 veterans and half their rookies and free agents on a protected list. Oakland and the Jets would get a choice of one unprotected veteran from each team, with the Jets getting a chance to pick two free agents and one rookie and the Raiders one free agent from each team.


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