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Washington’s Jimmy Piersall Arrested, Returns to Play Game

Sept. 13, 1962 - Jim Piersall (pictured on Opening Day this April), the Washington Senators’ center fielder, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct tonight in Baltimore when he went into the stands of Memorial Stadium to confront a fan who had been heckling him. The police said Piersall had been warming up before the game — which was won by the Orioles, 7-1 — when Joseph Martin of Baltimore began heckling him. Piersall invited Martin to come out on the field, according to the police, but Martin told Piersall to come into the stand. Sgt. Walter Mina came between the men before any physical contact was made, police said, and arrested both for disorderly conduct. Piersall and Martin posted $53 collateral apiece and returned to the game. A hearing is scheduled tomorrow morning in Baltimore Municipal Court.


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