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Wallace Takes Second Place in Indiana Primary with Impressive Vote Total

May 5, 1964 - Governor George Wallace of Alabama jarred the national Democratic Party again today with an impressive but second-best vote in Indiana’s Presidential primary.

Wallace’s total ranged near the 30% mark and was second best to the winning vote given Gov. Matthew Welsh, who ran as a favorite son candidate and stand-in for President Johnson to defeat the segregationist.

As expected, Senator Barry Goldwater easily won the Indiana Republican Presidential primary. By adding Indiana’s 32 national convention votes on the first ballot, Goldwater’s headquarters claimed 264 of the 655 votes needed to win the Presidential nomination.

Wallace had said often during his Hoosier campaign that a good showing for him in the primary “will shake the eye teeth of liberals in both parties.”

He repeated it during a statement tonight — then drew a loud cheer from campaign workers when he added, “and now we’ve shaken their wisdom teeth.”

Wallace pointed to a tally and said: “We can smile on this one, this splendid vote given for my philosophy. We’re going on to Maryland from here.” He is entered in the Maryland primary May 19.

He accused his opponents of “resorting to smear tactics — and calling me immoral — but we all know the only immorality involved is that of the Federal government to take over and try to run every phase of our lives.”

Wallace said his vote in Indiana will be “an awakening to the politicians that we are determined to be heard in the days and years to come.”

When supporters waved a cartoon depicting him as a modern Paul Revere, Wallace grinned and said he was carrying an important message to the people. He said his vote in Indiana and Wisconsin is a grass roots protest against the civil rights bill under discussion in the U.S. Senate.

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