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Walker Released from Federal Prison

Oct. 6, 1962 - Former Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, accused of leading campus rioters last weekend at the University of Mississippi, was released from the U.S. Medical Center for Federal prisoners today on $50,000 bond. Mr. Walker had been brought to the Federal medical center in Springfield, Mo., for psychiatric examination from Oxford, Miss., where he was charged with inciting an insurrection and seditious conspiracy. Bond, originally set at $100,000, was reduced today at Oxford. Mr. Walker’s mother, Mrs. Charlotte Walker, who lives near San Antonio, arrived in Springfield today and met her son after his release. He greeted her affectionately and said: “You surprised me. Where did you get all that money?” To gain the reduction in bail, Mr. Walker, who was represented by counsel, agreed to report for a complete psychiatric examination at the Southwest Medical Center in Dallas. The examination to determine his sanity will be conducted by Dr. Robert Stubblefield, the facility’s chief psychiatrist, and a psychiatrist to be named by the Government.


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