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Vivien Leigh and Ringo Starr Enjoy Each Other’s Company

June 12, 1964 - Scarlett O’Hara rode with a Beatle tonight.

A flight from London to Los Angeles found Beatle drummer Ringo Starr seated next to Vivien Leigh, the heroine of “Gone With the Wind.”

Miss Leigh wore a floppy hat and Ringo his usual floppy hairdo.

Ringo’s arrival caught public and press off guard. He is on his way to Australia to rejoin his three companions.

A substitute drummer, Jimmy Nicol, has been playing with the Beatles since Starr, 23, entered a London hospital June 3 with tonsillitis.

Miss Leigh, 50, in Hollywood to play in “Ship of Fools,” her first movie in America in 13 years, revealed that she had made a drawing of Ringo during the flight.

How did it come out?

“Oh, very well,” she said. “It’s really not very difficult.”

Miss Leigh said she gave it to a little girl on the plane.

“Ringo and I had a marvelous trip together,” she said. “He is absolutely enchanting. He told me he was on his way to Australia to meet his fellow Beatles.”

She laughed. “I just can’t get used to that name.”

“Ship of Fools” producer-director Stanley Kramer was at the airport to meet her. As in “Gone With the Wind,” she will play a Southern woman in the film.

Late-arriving teenage girls rushed up and saw reporters and TV cameras. “Is it Ringo?” they demanded.

When told it was Vivien Leigh, one of them looked at the two-time Academy Award winner and said: “Who’s that?”

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