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Vincent Edwards of “Dr. Casey” in Nightclub Fistfight

Nov. 1, 1963 - Vincent Edwards, television’s “Dr. Ben Casey,” exchanged blows with a San Francisco nightclub patron who was pestering him, according to the club’s manager. Tony Infante, manager of the Condor, a North Beach twist club, said the customer gave Edwards “a bad time.” Edwards, one of many Hollywood personalities in San Francisco for the International Film Festival, asked the man to leave, Infante said. “He told the kid, ‘leave me alone, I’m just like you,’” Infante said. The young man “threw a right, Vince blocked it, and hit him on the kisser, flattening him. I picked the man up and threw him out,” Infante added. The actor, one of the stars of the American film “The Victors,” which opened the film festival Wednesday night, was not available for comment.


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