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[VIDEO] Oct. 31, 1963 | Clips from JFK's 63rd News Conference

Oct. 31, 1963 - Following are some of the highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference today: Troops — The U.S. plans no reduction of American combat troops in West Germany, despite reports of withdrawals. Moon — Premier Khrushchev’s recent statement about Russian space plans did not necessarily mean that the Soviet Union was “out of the moon race.” Mr. Khrushchev’s announcement was cautiously worded, and all indications are that the Soviet Union is pressings its space program. Rights — A company “as influential as U.S. Steel” is in Birmingham, Ala., might use its influence to help solve racial turmoil in that city. Johnson — If Mr. Kennedy is nominated next year, he wants and expects Vice President Johnson to be his running mate.


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