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[VIDEO] Nov. 26, 1963 | Adlai Stevenson U.N. Statement

Nov. 26, 1963 - Adlai Stevenson assured the United Nations General Assembly today that President Johnson’s Administration would continue to support the U.N. and work for a reduction in tension between East and West. “President Johnson is determined,” he said, “that the better feeling of these past few months shall not be lost, rather that it must increase. In that spirit, we shall not falter on the stony path to peace.” Mr. Stevenson, the chief U.S. representative, spoke at a U.N. memorial service for President Kennedy. Mr. Stevenson, who was the closing speaker today, gave his assurances about the policy of the new Administration after thanking the members for their expressions of sympathy. One of the most eloquent eulogies was delivered by Paul-Henri Spaak, Foreign Minister of Belgium, who was elected President of the Assembly when its first session convened in London in January 1946. Mr. Spaak declared that Mr. Kennedy had already given the world much but would have given more if death had not struck him in his youth. Mr. Kennedy will be remembered, he said, as the President who fostered legislation on civil rights, who faced a great worldwide danger — an allusion to last year’s crisis over Soviet missiles in Cuba — and who signed the treaty on nuclear tests. The delegates stood for a minute of prayer or meditation at the start of the memorial meeting.


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