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[VIDEO] Nov. 25, 1963 | JFK Jr. Salutes His Father

Nov. 25, 1963 - John F. Kennedy Jr., whose third birthday was today, and his sister, Caroline, who will be 6 years old on Wednesday, were at the cathedral for the funeral service but were spared the ceremony at the cemetery. As the children left the cathedral after the service, John saw the honor guard of nine servicemen carry the flag-covered coffin of his father to the caisson that would bear it to Arlington. He looked up at his mother. She whispered to him. Then he handed her a prayer book he was carrying, and his small right hand suddenly shot up in a salute. Across the street, reporters and cameramen who were with the President when John was born and who had seen him scampering about his father’s office and in and out of the helicopters he loved to ride in, wept openly.


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