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[VIDEO] Nov. 23, 1963 | Nixon on JFK Assassination

Nov. 23, 1963 - Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon appeared briefly on television today to express his sorrow over the death of President Kennedy. “President Kennedy yesterday wrote the last and greatest chapter of his ‘Profiles in Courage,’” Mr. Nixon said. “Today, millions of people throughout the world are trying to find words adequate to express their grief and sympathy to his family. The greatest tribute we can pay to his memory is in our everyday lives to do everything we can to reduce the forces of hatred which drive men to do such terrible deeds.” Mr. Nixon stood in the doorway of the apartment house at 810 Fifth Avenue, at 62nd Street, where he lives. Live cameras of the three television networks, film units, and radio broadcasters ranged in a semicircle on the sidewalk. Mr. Nixon, who lost the Presidential election of 1960 to Mr. Kennedy by a razor-thin margin, will fly to Washington tomorrow with Mrs. Nixon to attend the funeral service for the slain President.


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