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[VIDEO] May 30, 1964 | MLK Press Statement in L.A.

May 30, 1964 - The fight for civil rights is at a crucial point both nationally and locally, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said today as he arrived in Los Angeles to participate in Religious Witness of Human Dignity ceremonies at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. “On a national level,” he said, “failure of passage of the Civil Rights Bill — without watering down — will be the tragedy of the century. The big problem of California is the move to repeal the Rumford Fair Housing Bill. Any repeal will be a tragic step backward.” He reiterated his stand that all demonstrations be nonviolent, with the main purpose to arouse the conscience of the community. Dr. King is expected to address 15,000 persons Monday night in Ratcliffe Stadium in Fresno at a rally sponsored by several church organizations. Earlier, he will speak at a rally in front of Fresno High School and will join a two-mile march to the stadium.

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