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[VIDEO] May 22, 1964 | LBJ Speech at University of Michigan

May 22, 1964 - President Johnson called today for a “creative federalism” of local and national authorities to rebuild American cities, preserve the American countryside, and develop an educational system that “grows in excellence as it grows in size.” As a first step, he promised the 4,862-member graduating class of the University of Michigan that he will “establish working groups to prepare a series of White House conferences and meetings — on the cities, on natural beauty, on the quality of education, and on other emerging challenges.” In an appeal directed primarily to the nation’s youth, Mr. Johnson said that the “challenge of the next half-century” was to use American resources “to enrich and elevate our national life and to advance the quality of American civilization.” Mr. Johnson was interrupted frequently for applause, particularly when he urged better teacher salaries and spoke of civil rights.

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