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[VIDEO] Mar. 31, 1964 | NHL Semifinal, Gm. 3 - Leafs v. Canadiens (First Two Periods)

Mar. 31, 1964 - Enjoy the first two periods of tonight’s Stanley Cup semifinal playoff game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens. This afternoon, Montreal head coach Toe Blake reported that the Canadiens showed a lot of life in practice and were far from downhearted after the Leafs’ 2-1 victory that tied the best-of-seven series 1-1. Now, it’s a best-of-five affair with Toronto holding the odd game on home ice.

“We set our sights on winning four games and haven’t changed,” said Blake. “This team won’t quit and there’s not a player who isn’t confident we can take the series. I said before the playoffs that this was going to be a tough semifinal, so maybe I’ll be right for once in my life.”

Blake pointed to the fact that the Canadiens had the best road record in the NHL during the regular season and won three games, including two shutouts, at Maple Leaf Gardens.


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