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[VIDEO] Mar. 19, 1964 | Beatles Get Variety Club Awards from Harold Wilson

Mar. 19, 1964 - At London's Dorchester Hotel, British Labor Leader Harold Wilson presented the Beatles with Variety Club awards at a jam-packed luncheon.

John Lennon was the first to arrive. He slipped swiftly in from his car through a screaming mob of 200 girls.

After he disappeared into the hotel, Ringo, Paul, and George drove up in another car, and the attack was switched to them.

But police managed to get them through.

Then they took their places at the star-studded tables.

In his speech, Mr. Wilson hailed the Beatles as “those elder statesmen from Merseyside.” He said he had recently returned from Washington, where the echoes of the Beatles’ visit were still reverberating.

Then, in a hilarious ceremony, he presented the awards — silver hearts.

George said: “It’s very nice to get one each. We have trouble cutting things into four.”

Paul said: “They should have given one to good old Mr. Wilson.”

Ringo said: “I’m the one who never speaks. Thanks” — and sat down.

John said: “Thanks for the purple hearts.”

Afterwards, Mr. Wilson posed for pictures with the Beatles.

Would they vote Labor at the elections?

Paul wise-cracked: “What, a conservative group like us?”

And Ringo: “No. I mean, we don’t really follow politics.”

The Beatles then signed autographs for Mrs. Wilson for one of her godchildren. Said Mrs. Wilson: “The Beatles are quite the favorites in our home. We always watch them on television, and we like listening to their Liverpool accents — as my husband and I met there.”

She smiled: “And ‘gear’ isn't really a new word. We used it in our day!”

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