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[VIDEO] June 30, 1964 | LBJ Hails Costa Rican President

June 30, 1964 - President Johnson today welcomed President Francisco Orlich of Costa Rica to Washington for a state visit. Both men immediately forecast great things for the Alliance for Progress.

Orlich, his wife, and a party of Costa Rican officials arrived by helicopter from Williamsburg, Va., where they spent the night.

Mr. Johnson and his wife, together with Secretary of State Dean Rusk and other officials, welcomed the visiting chief executive on his arrival on the South Lawn of the White House.

In an exchange of remarks under a hot sun, Mr. Johnson recalled that it was only about a year ago that the late President Kennedy visited Costa Rica. President Johnson said Orlich’s presence in the U.S. “demonstrates the growing and cordial bond between our countries.”

Orlich went a sizable step beyond Johnson in his praise and expectations for the Alliance. He called the program a “supreme example of perpetual amity which unites the hemisphere.”

He expressed the hope that he and Mr. Johnson might one day see the “political unification” of North and South America.

Orlich, who recieved a 21-gun salute, is the first Latin American chief of state to make an official visit to Washington in the Johnson Administration.

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