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[VIDEO] June 29, 1964 | The Beatles in Brisbane, Australia

June 29, 1964 - The Beatles arrived in Brisbane, Australia, just after midnight today and were greeted at the airport by 8,000 fans. They were paraded in an open-top truck, but some Beatle haters in the crowd pelted them with food and bits of wood.

The Beatles were quickly taken to their hotel — aptly named Lennons — where they declared there would be “no more unscheduled appearances. For as long as we’re in Brisbane, it’s the hotel and hall for us.”

Their two concerts at the Festival Hall tonight were each seen by 5,500 people, and all tickets sold out well in advance. Once again, the lads from Liverpool were subjected to eggs thrown at the stage, but the Beatles played on, and the miscreants were swiftly ejected from the venue.

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