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[VIDEO] July 8, 1964 | All-Star Game Newsreel

July 8, 1964 - “He’s beat us enough. I figured he owed me something.”

That was manager Walter Alston’s reaction to the three-run homer that Johnny Callison of the league-leading Phillies hit in the ninth inning of yesterday’s All-Star Game for a 7-4 National League victory.

Alston chose Callison as an extra man beyond the vote of the players, coaches, and managers because of the outfielder’s hitting against his Dodgers.

“Callison may not hit everybody like he hits us,” Alston said. “But I know one thing — he wears us out.”

By an odd coincidence, the homer beat Al Lopez, the American League manager who used to be Callison’s boss with the White Sox.

It took the National League 31 years to catch up with the American, which led 12-4 after the 1949 All-Star Game. Finally, they have squared the series at 17-17-1.

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