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[VIDEO] Jan. 21, 1964 | LBJ Meets with Canadian Prime Minister Pearson

Jan. 21, 1964 - Prime Minister Lester Pearson of Canada arrived today for talks with President Johnson. The two men hope to develop a rapport like that between Mr. Pearson and President Kennedy. The close Pearson-Kennedy relationship put an end to a period in which Canadian-United States relations were strained. Differences between the two countries remain, but they are dealt with in a much more amicable atmosphere.

Mr. Pearson, arriving by helicopter on the White House south lawn this afternoon, told President Johnson that his “first thought on arriving here” was to recall his visit with Mr. Kennedy last May at Hyannis Port, Mass. “I am very conscious, as I stand here today, of the grievous loss of a great young leader,” the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister, a former Canadian Ambassador to the United States and long familiar in Washington, was accompanied by Mrs. Pearson.

Mr. Johnson, in brief welcoming remarks, pointed out that the two countries had “the very unusual pleasure of enjoying the longest unguarded border that exists between two countries any place in the world.” The two men will meet tomorrow morning, at a luncheon at the White House, and again tomorrow afternoon. Tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will have dinner at the Canadian Embassy.


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