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[VIDEO] Feb. 11, 1964 | Beatles Press Conference in Washington D.C.

Feb. 11, 1964 - England’s Beatles arrived in the U.S. Capital during a snowstorm today, got a squalling teenage reception, smilingly swapped quips with reporters, and set out for what was billed as their first American concert. The four mop-topped singers said they weren’t worried about people who say they are not very good because “we’re not.”

After a junior-size mob scene at Union Station, the Beatles were whisked to the Coliseum, which days ago reported it had sold out all seats for tonight’s concert.

The Beatles arrived in a pullman car at the far end of a long train. The entire group then had to walk the length of a snowswept platform. And all the time, there was squealing from teenage female fans who had slipped through the police cordon.


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