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[VIDEO] Dec. 29, 1963 | LBJ Remarks at Texas BBQ for Chancellor Erhard

Dec. 29, 1963 - In Stonewall, Texas today, President Johnson perched a ten-gallon Texas hat on the head of West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard today after the German-speaking area had tendered the West German leader a “herzlich wilkommen” (warm welcome). The occasion was a barbecue luncheon served for 100 guests in the white-frame gymnasium of the Stonewall High School. Dr. Erhard and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson ate beef barbecue, spareribs, potato salad and baked beans, and drank coffee from tin cups. They heard Van Cliburn play Beethoven and Chopin, saw a local group perform German dances, and exchanged serious speeches of farewell.


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