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[VIDEO] Dec. 14, 1963 | FBI Cracks Sinatra Kidnap Case

Dec. 14, 1963 - Frank Sinatra Sr. praised the FBI for “a fantastic job” in tracking down the alleged kidnappers of his son in little more than five days. “The rapidity of the FBI in this case was just incredible,” Mr. Sinatra told newsmen. He answered questions in the driveway of the Bel-Air home of his ex-wife, Nancy. “Thank God it’s over. Credit must go to the FBI for a masterful operation. Our only hope is that the rapidity in which these people were apprehended will act as a deterrent to others with such thoughts in the future.” Young Frank, he said, was all right, except he had lost about 15 pounds. The youth was down from 135 pounds to 120 pounds as the result of his ordeal, he said. “He’s pretty close-mouthed,” the father said, “very quiet, just thinking about things.” Mr. Sinatra said he had a “frantic time” last Tuesday when he was awaiting ransom instructions in Reno and Carson City. “I was scared to death when I didn’t find him up there,” he said. However, after receiving instructions for the $240,000 payment, the father said he had become confident “they were not out to hurt the boy but just wanted the money.” Mr. Sinatra said his son had not been threatened but was fed little for two days.

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