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Vice President Departs on World Tour

Aug. 22, 1962 - Vice President Johnson left today for a 19-day tour of the Middle East and southern Europe. At a send-off ceremony this afternoon on the south lawn of the White House, President Kennedy said Mr. Johnson was bearing messages to the heads of government of Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Italy, and Lebanon. The President expressed confidence that the Vice President’s trip “will produce fruitful results” and have the same impact as his trip to West Berlin last year. His mission was regarded by officials in Washington as more than just a goodwill tour, especially in Iran, Turkey, and Greece. These three nations are economically troubled allies of the U.S. on the Soviet-bloc periphery. The Vice President, in talks with the leaders of these countries, is expected to emphasize continuing U.S. support despite its new shift in favor of a self-help policy for foreign aid recipients.


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