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Vic Power Is a Los Angeles Angel

June 11, 1964 - General manager Fred Haney of the Angels completed a three-cornered trade today which brings Minnesota’s versatile Vic Power (pictured) to Los Angeles in exchange for infielder Billy Moran.

At the same time, the Angels acquired outfielder Lennie Green from the Twins for outfielder Frank Kostro, who had been playing with L.A.’s No. 1 farm club at Hawaii.

The Moran-for-Power deal went like this: Cleveland got Billy and sent infielder Jerry Kindall to the Twins, who in turn shipped Power to the Angels.

Commenting on the trade, Haney said: “Power is a little more versatile than Moran. Vic can play first, second, or third base and also the outfield, so we get extra protection at these positions. It might be an even break as to fielding, but with Power we get a better bat.”

Moran’s lifetime batting average going into this year was .268 in 492 major league games. Power was .287 in 1,398.

Moran became an Angel in June of 1961 and made the All-Star team the next season, which was his best under Bill Rigney’s management. This season, he was shifted from second base to third to make room for the rookie from Hawaii, Bobby Knoop.

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